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Family Album (2009)

by Penelope Lively(Favorite Author)
3.23 of 5 Votes: 2
0886194490 (ISBN13: 9780886194499)
review 1: I found this novel which is basically a reminiscence of the various members of a large English family intriguing. Like a couple of the extraneous characters, I am fascinated by large families. Being an only child, I find the sibling relationship somewhat mysterious and very interesting. While the main secret they all share was predictable, the voices of each other family members was separate and distinct. Lively's books unfold like a warm late summer's day in the country. This was no exception. Her stories seem just an excuse to meet characters with interesting insights and interactions.
review 2: I am quite new to the novels of Ms. Lively but am finding them elegantly written; sophisticated and extremely thought provoking. I, myself, came from an extreme
... morely large family - twice the size of the fictional family, in fact - so my empathies lie with the children rather than the mother. The book has caused me to look back and review/remember my own childhood and evaluate the experience rather than judge. less
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Painful to finish. Uninspiring. Cliche. Just all around horrible.
Not terrible, just not unique or memorable.
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