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Young Man's Guide To Late Capitalism (2011)

by Peter Mountford(Favorite Author)
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1299883877 (ISBN13: 9781299883871)
Mariner Books
review 1: I read this book in early summer or fall of about 2012. I recall it was a time when Chessie could go for long walks in the neighborhood and I often carried a book with me to read while she mosied along and sniffed every tree and leaf. She was old enough that I indulged her pleasure if the weather was good and I was off of work.I have forgotten many books but this one I remember - partly due to the weird cover art and long title. I should remember to recommend this book to Keith when he has more time for reading.I should look up other books by this author. The story is a contemporary coming of age story. It is about greed and relationships and the conflict between the two. Can a person take advantage of the excesses of capitalist exploitation in a developing country and rem... moreain honest enough to be in relationship. I would say the answer is no and this book honestly presents the tension in trying.
review 2: I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel about a hedge-fund-researcher-gone-bad who screws everyone (literally and figurately)in order to make a killing. Based in Bolivia around the time that Evo Morales is elected president the story unfolds in a whirlwind of egotism, greed and deceit. The characters are all equally unlikeable but memorable and believable. There are certain relationships that Mountford nails: specifically the son/daughter relationship. My only complaint is that there is way too much going on, and for a reader it got a little exhausting at times. less
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Great characters and page turning situations. Well crafted for a debut novel.
Fabulous book, beautifully written. The ending saddened me.
Loved this. Timely, wonderfully written, captivating.
Great, quick read..
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