The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors

Rating: ★★★★

I discover this picture book through an article about this particular Librarian and her recommendations for those who want to read a book. She recommended that every one of all ages should read this book and I believe her! This book is truly meant for children and if you are able to tap into your inner child then you can learn to appreciate this short and sweet story. The title of the book is self-explanatory and I won’t reveal much but lets just say it could be the potential origin story as to how this whole game started.

The illustrations of this book is on fire and it captivated my attention and I could just imagine how fascinated little kids who feel reading this story and if I had to rate this book solely on the illustrations it would receive the highest marks possible. Normally this would be a guaranteed 5 stars for me but I felt this story could have developed into greater storyline instead of the actual outcome. I believe since I am an adult reading this book the predictability ruined the whole experience but in the end I have no quarrels about this cute story.

I highly recommend this book for parents who want a new book to read to their children and since the story takes place during the summer its easier for children to relate to the story and explore some fun outside of the house with Rock, Paper, Scissors! Drew Daywalt was brilliant at bringing this concept that naturally gets passed from generation to generation and added a new flare to an iconic game.

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