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The Last Unicorn (1968)

by Peter S. Beagle(Favorite Author)
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1600108512 (ISBN13: 9781600108518)
review 1: Caveat: I'm more familiar with (and more attached to) the animated film than the book, and it's been a while since I read the book so I can't speak to how faithful (or not) this comic adaptation was.I loved the artwork. There were some really great panel designs and the whole thing had a very fairy tale, otherworldly feeling. The design of the unicorn was very similar to the animated movie, which I liked, but the designs of the other characters and places were very different, which I also liked. There was just enough similarity to the movie to put me in that beloved space, but not so much that the comic felt like a hollow copy. This was it's own experience and I enjoyed it.Some parts of the plot felt rushed, but other parts were fantastically rendered. As a bonus there are... more nifty interviews with Beagle and Peter Gillis (the adapter) in the back of the book.
review 2: Stunning illustrations. Obviously lacking in the minute descriptions that made the original book so captivating, but the artfully crafted strips (ripe with color, shades, and amazing line work) close the gap between the two satisfactorily. The characters remain largely intact. The harpy was terrifying, as was the artist's rendition of Mommy Fortuna. This book captures the heart and tone of its predecessor, a book which I can honestly say made me fall in love with the fantasy genre. less
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This is an illustrated rendering, a.k.a. Comic book. Not my style, only read through to third page.
Graphic novel. Gorgeous art work. Seems to be based off the movie and not the novel
It's one of those books I like to come back to every now and then.
The artwork beautifully compliments Beagle's words.
beautiful art to go with a beautiful story
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