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Right Ho, Jeeves (1934)

by P.G. Wodehouse(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 2
0393339785 (ISBN13: 9780393339789)
W. W. Norton & Company
review 1: Typically convoluted Jeeves and Wooster story, set in Brinkley Court and featuring Bertie's Aunt Dahlia (Travers), the newt-loving Gussie Fink-Nottle, Madeline Bassett, Tuppy Glossop and Angela Travers.This is the also the one that has Wooster unintentionally getting Gussie Fink-Nottle roaringly drunk before the latter has to distribute prizes at a school assembly, alongside Wooster managing to get himself engaged (again) while trying to sort out romantic difficulties between some of his childhood friends.Leave it to Jeeves to sort everything out by the end!
review 2: RIGHT HO, JEEVES. (1922). P. G. Wodehouse. ****.Another delightful romp with Bertie Wooster and his man-servant Jeeves awaits you in this installment. It might seem as if the plot was lifted d
... moreirectly from Shakespeare’s “Alls Well That Ends Well,” but Shakespeare never said “Yoicks!” or “What Ho” as often as Wooster. Bertie is invited to his aunt’s house for dinner. He soon jumps at the chance because he can’t resist the cooking of his aunt’s French chef, Antoine. When he and Jeeves arrive, he finds that there is a catch: he has to agree to present the annual prizes to the winners at the local boys’ school. He eventually gets out of that, but only at the cost of putting a friend of his in dire straits. His big problem that he takes on is to re-unite two couples who have broken off with each other for what appears to Bertie to be minor reasons. The path of love, however, is not always straight, as Bertie soon learns. There is the usual silliness here, but there are quite a few knee-slappers, too. This is vintage Wodehouse. Recommended. less
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Jeeves and Wooster can (almost) always make me smile, even in the foulest of moods.
My favorite Wodehouse book to date!
My first Wodehouse. Very enjoyable
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