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The Ancient Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into The Existence, Evidence, And Influence Of Ancient Visitors (2011)

by Philip Coppens(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 3
1601631987 (ISBN13: 9781601631985)
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review 1: A shame he passed so young.Philip was neither a UFO fanatic nor a skeptical debunker of all incidents. I did enjoy his ability to refute some of the more outlandish claims of some believers (I am thinking of the 12th planet gang)and yet he does believe that some of the ancients were telling truths of what they saw. His knowledge is impressive for a fairly short book. He finally makes a strong claim for the metaphysical more than the physical.I am most reminded of a book by Colin Wilson called The Occult: A History.I would recommend the book for most intelligent people who must at least face the question "How did we get here".
review 2: This book really had a lot going for it. I felt the author was doing a very good job of exploring some very interesting archaeo
... morelogical avenues to the question of ancient alien visitation. Then just towards the end we start to skid out of control. Here we encounter the Egyptian Nine and several other theories of mind altering substances that allow our minds to transport off and connect with E.T.'s. Okay, so at that point I began to lose some interest in the book. Other than this transgression I did find the book very interesting. less
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Logic-driven look at the most important phenomenon of all time.
Interesting, research seems somewhat thorough.
Excellent! Highly recommended.
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