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The Adjustment Bureau (2000)

by Philip K. Dick(Favorite Author)
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review 1: As often happens with sci-fi, I enjoy the film enough to locate the source book.I listened to the audio version, and at less than an hour it would be around 30-40 pages of short story.As you'd expect, it's a different affair to the film. More cerebral (they always are), tight, but also, as happens with Philip K. Dick, left me feeling it was incomplete. I wanted there to be more to it.It's still an original proposition - a regular guy causes all sorts of trouble when the Adjustment team assigned to make sure he's early to work fail, setting off the chain of events that lead him to discover there IS someone controlling us all.Enjoyed it, but did feel that the film used the best bits and made it all more cinematic and complete.
review 2: Sort of interesting novell
... morea listened via audiobook. Was this story interesting - the plot outline was better than the story. It definitely had a 1950s flavor to it. If you need a book about an adjustment bureau - that was really unclear even after an explanation, exactly what they were doing and need a workout book to pass the time - then the length would be ideal. Otherwise, television program might be more interesting. less
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a short story read after watching movie Adjustment Bureau...quite insightful...makes one wonder...
This is the short story "The Adjustment Bureau" was loosely based on.
The movie (renamed "The adjustment bureau") was far far better.
I've always like the dog in this story.
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