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Adjustment Team (2000)

by Philip K. Dick(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: I really had never herd of this story until I was given the audio book in exchange for a honest review. I must say this short story was a pleasure. Well developed and plotted out. But for me the story was made by the narrator Al Kessel. His telling of the story was great I will be keeping this story to listen again. Hos voice was not monotone drumming along to get through it he really gave depth to the story.
review 2: I got this book because I really enjoyed the film The Adjustment Bureau. I though it was a novel. When I opened the parcel and saw the size of the book I was extremely disappointed. I thought this was a proper book. 43 pages?! you must be joking. anyway, its quiet a good short story. the concept is very intriguing. It is very hard to say you like
... more characters or not when you can barley get to know them, but I liked Ed. I liked the style, so I think I would like to read a "proper" Philip K Dick book. less
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Entertaining, quick read. Now I'm going to watch the movie adaptation, "The Adjustment Bureau."
Not at all like the movie Adjustment Bureau. Rather dated, and kind of a weak story, for Dick.
Timing is everything. An interesting perspective on how one minute can change everything.
Crazy Girl
alright; very short. ending left a bit to be desired.
Just saw this movie and really liked it.
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