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Les Défenseurs (1998)

by Philip K. Dick(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 1
226400195X (ISBN13: 9782264001955)
review 1: This book is a typical tale ofour future living with robots. Would such creations - when taken to their logical conclusion - act in our best interests or just follow orders. Like the best of this genre, it takes a good look at humans in the process. Do we need to be protected from ourselves?I enjoyed this book even though I have to admit that I found it dragging a little when it started to hit home the message about our flaws - in this case, our war mongering and the reasons behind it.
review 2: Philip K Dick once again showing us why he's one of the kings of Science Fiction writing. The story was tight concise and every word not used for advancement of the plot was essential in crafting the world. The desperation of the world, the slight smugness of our protag
... moreonist and even his ability to see the shift in mental attitudes all serve the tightly wound narrative and as someone who has been reading much Asimov lately Dick's robots did feel different than a Three Laws robot yet an eerily similar dilemma was resolved in his own particular way. less
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My first short story by Dick. I'm excited, like I just discovered Asimov for the first time.
A clever story about atomic Armageddon. It could very well be turned into a very good movie.
Roughly written, but it works as a short story.
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