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Adjustment Bureau, The (2011)

by Philip K. Dick(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 2
1441894705 (ISBN13: 9781441894700)
Brilliance Audio
review 1: I really don't get why sci-fi writers would want to keep these stories short. With an idea this brilliant, a whole novel is desirable which would explore in details, the various angels from which the concept could be seen. 'Adjustment Team' questions the very concepts of Free will and Determinism, with out ever using those words - however a casual reader is likely to miss the whole point. Perhaps that is why so many of Dick's stories have been turned into movies.The theme works better where the protagonist wants to be in control of his own life (the way he did in the movie)and he should struggle with the very question of presence of an adjustment team. In this case movie was definitely far better; taking the story to a higher level; exploring subject more properly (however... more I was disappointed on not being able to see the 'chairman').
review 2: I found the short story The Adjustment Team to be a bit confusing. Since it was a short story, it was obviously very fast-moving at points. I wish that Philip Dick included more information and more details the story left questions unanswered. Shortly after reading the short story, I rented the movie The Adjustment Bureau. It was very different from the book but it did answer some of the questions I had left. less
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Well..that was shit.All nice and suspenseful with a bit of action then BAM, finished!
Classic Science Fiction. We need more of this type of imagination.
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