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Capitol Murder (2012)

by Phillip Margolin(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 4
0062069888 (ISBN13: 9780062069887)
Dana Cutler
review 1: Although at one point I thought this story was very similar to Margolin's previous stories, I realized it really was the basic formula that was familiar as opposed to the story itself. Still I enjoyed the book and reconnecting with Dana, Brad & Ginny while seeing how Margolin planned to intertwine their lives once again. I especially like the moral dilemmas he has his characters encounter and while I may not always agree with their choices I delight in how the consequences play out.
review 2: I discovered Phillip Margolin at the same time I was living in Portland, Oregon. His books have always held a special interest for me as a result. But Margolin has kept his edge as a writer in the legal thriller genre. Yes, books of this nature have a bit of a formula b
... moreut their is still art in the way the parts are mixed together and this story continues the string of quality work from Margolin. less
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Love this series. I am usually quite surprised by the endings and never disappointed.
love this series
Very good
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