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The Book Of Genesis (2009)

by R. Crumb(Favorite Author)
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0393061027 (ISBN13: 9780393061024)
W. W. Norton & Company
review 1: A faithful rendering of the book of Genesis along with some Biblical scholarly stuff. I liked this a lot. I wished that more people would read the bible in the context of the times. I don't mean as literal word but more as it was intended. This context of the female religion versus the male religion that is hinted at in the bible is an interesting backdrop. When you start to think about the many times that someone's wife was given to an emperor or pharaoh, it gets you thinking. When you add in the context that the so called temple harlots were actually high priestesses of a religion and not some strumpet, you wonder at the reasons for portraying some of these wives as submissive when in fact they may have been running the show.Biblical scholarship in a historical context i... mores really fascinating. It throws strong relief against biblical literalists and later protestant reforms.
review 2: Robert Crumb has a profound respect for the scriptures he adapts in this volume, although it's a secular respect; He sees Genesis as an important historical work and a great work of ancient literature. His respect for the material drove him to do meticulous research on the source material and put great care into the details of his illustration. He's truly created a wonderful graphic novel that religious folks can appreciate as a faithful adaptation of a document they revere and graphic novel readers can appreciate for the literary and artistic merit. Some might be disappointed that this R Crumb work isn't as humorous as they might expect, but I highly recommend it. less
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makes far more sense than any other version of this material. spoiler: temple whores got phased out
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