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How To Catch A Prince (2000)

by Rachel Hauck(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 5
0310315549 (ISBN13: 9780310315544)
Royal Wedding
review 1: Six years ago, beautiful heiress Corina went to college in Brighton where she met and secretly married a prince. Then he was off to Afghanistan to serve in joint forces with United States troops, including Corina’s twin brother. Their love for each other reached across the miles until her brother’s death. Stephen came home, said the marriage was over, and left her for good – he thought. Corina tried to help her parents deal with their mourning, but that was going nowhere, so after five years she took a job with a tabloid newspaper to be able to live again. Stephen’s brother, the King, discovered that Stephen had been married and demanded that Stephen get an annulment as the way he had ended the marriage was not sufficient. Thus, Stephen went to the United ... moreStates to ask Corina to sign the annulment papers. She loves him still, and does not want to sign the papers, but declares that she will if he will uncover and tell her information about how her brother died since that has been a mystery to her family. That is where the heart ache is and the secret Stephen has not talked about. Corina’s twin, Carlos, was protecting Prince Stephen when he and the other military men were killed. Stephen lives with the guilt of the only survivor. No one knows, and how can he tell Corina the truth? How can he look at her and not see the blood of her brother? Can Corina love well and bring Stephen through his pain and suffering? Can she forgive Stephen and can he forgive himself? Enter a couple guardian angels who help Corina accept God's great love and a minister who helps Stephen accept love from one who lays down his life for him, but can Corina and Stephen work through all the complications to live as earthly royalty as well as spiritual royalty? Corina was so loveable and it was a joy to read of a rich, kind heiress who loved unselfishly. Stephen’s character seemed realistic as he tried to escape his feelings through absorbing himself in playing rugby. I enjoyed their banter about American football versus rugby and the other conversations they had. The part about the angels and The Manor where Corina stayed may not appeal to some, but to others it may be a bit like the fantasy which is so popular. Why not allow the angels to have their influence? Overall, it was a very enjoyable read. I would read more books by this author. I received this Christiain fiction ebook from the publisher through Net Gallery.
review 2: story of love, loss, war, regrets and forgiveness.this is the first book I've read by Rachel Hauck.Prince Stephan was friend and comrades with Carlos del Ray. Corina del Ray and Prince Stephan had a whirlwind romance before he had to go on his next tour, they managed to keep it a secret from everyone including Carlos and the couple decided on a secret wedding before Stephan had to leave.no one knew of this wedding but Corina,Stephan and the archbishop who Wed them.While at war Carlos is killed and Corina is left to mourn her brother not knowing how he died only that he was a hero, corina is devastated at losing her twin and expects that Stephan will be there to help her mourn but Stephan comes back from war a changed person and doesn't want anything to do with Corina, he tells her the marriage is not real and sends her packing with an excuse of its not you it's me and it can never work as he's royalty.heartbroken and devastated Corina returns home. once home she finds her family broken and 6 years later she's still trying to mend them, meanwhile Stephen gets a letter from the archbishop ( not the same one who wed them) saying after a remodel of the church he came across a wedding certificate and in the eyes of the church him and Corina are still legally wed. Stephan can get an annulment all he needs is corina signature.So Stephan has to face the past and the wife who's heart he broke and explain they are still married.this is where Corina demands to know what happened to her brother in return for the signature.I really enjoyed this story I loved the fact that Corina decided she was going to fight for Stephan and she played dirty :) and I really enjoyed the glimpses we got of the old Stephan when he lets his guard down. with two oddball servants, a paparazzi boss, the royal family, a movie premiere, wacky actors, and two people who are still in love with each other this is one journey you will laugh and cry on.a sweet fairy tale romance with tearworthy moments.wasn't what I expected at all and I think the author dug very deep with this book and the emotions that come with losing loved ones and the guilt that you carry was portrayed brilliantly. less
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4 1/2 stars, review coming Jan 29, 2015
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