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Princess Ever After (2014)

by Rachel Hauck(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 6
0310315506 (ISBN13: 9780310315506)
Royal Wedding
review 1: What a fantastic sequel! Often, sophomore efforts slump as the reader, and maybe even the writer feels a let down after a successful first book. Hauck avoids this trap by giving us a second story that is wonderful in its own right, but also faithfully continues the arc began in the first book. In the first book we watched Nathan become king of Brighton and wrestle with the complexities of the 100-year-old entail. In the second book, we see the other side of the entail with the plight of Hessenberg, a duchy without a duke, looking for its future. Perhaps they should scrap the whole plan and become a democratic nation. This path is not cut-and-dried, nor is it untainted by political corruption. Enter a long-lost heir living her life as a grease-monkey car restorer. I... mores Reggie really the future of a nation?
review 2: This is a fun read. Yes, it is a fairy tale & yes, it is fantasy. However, it captured my attention & heart right away. In book #1, Once Upon A Prince, a southern American girl falls in love with and becomes engaged to a prince, soon to be crowned King. Their marriage would not be possible, though, because of some legal difficulties in the governing of the royal lands of Brighton & Hessenberg. These difficulties were resolved when a previously unknown heir to the throne of Hessenberg is found. That book ends with the discovery of this heir but the reader does not get to meet the heir until this book.This book picks up with finding this heir, another southern American girl, Regina Beswick. It follows her life as she discovers she is the heir to the throne -- a real princess. Although I did not find the story of Regina being a car enthusiast very compelling, it was a minor distraction in light of the rest of the story.It was fun, it showcased goodness & God's teachings. Most of the characters were endearing and you were left with wanting to keep following them. less
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Super cute,sweet read. How interesting things would be if you found out you were a REAL princess!!
Unbelievably sweet. I love this series and hope it never ends!
Book 2 of 2...*Great! Love Rachel Hauck!
Was not as good as first book
so much fun!!!
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