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Il Lato Oscuro Dell'amore (2004)

by Rafik Schami(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 2
8811678579 (ISBN13: 9788811678571)
review 1: An excellent if slightly tedious novel. The first third was highly engaging and I got through it within 2 or 3 nights, the second third dragged on a bit and the last third tied up loose ends, however, by the time you reach the final third, the plot if fairly predictable. Overall, Schami's writing is second to none but I do feel the story has a lot of emphasis on the country's prison camps, something which all readers might not appreciate.
review 2: I would give it 2 and half a star really. The book was so long, full of details ( that did not really have a positive impact on me). I thanked god it ended happily. Diversity of stories based on different characters are amusing somethings but are useless other times. The essence of the book is politics, religion and
... moresex. Would I recommend people to read it? No, the book would be a waste of time ! less
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One of my all time favourite books. An epic in every sense and a joy right up to the last word.
Excellent book. Should be read by all who have any dealings in the Middle East
very well written, fluent, full of details, of family history... a good read!
I was totally transported through this book.
Must-read book...
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