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The Playground (1953)

by Ray Bradbury(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Bradbury is one of my favorite authors and I always love his poetic style. There is just something to reading his stories. They text is almost haunting. This story is no exception. It is strange to read someone who has such an emphasise on style but is still so accessible as a writer. If you haven't read anything by Bradbury you should definitely check out Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles or The Illustrated Man. This story on the other hand is good but it is far from his best work. For fans of Bradbury a definite read but for others I would check out other works first.
review 2: You’ll Never View Childhood or Parenthood the Same After This“When you have two precious bits of porcelain and one is broken and the other, the last one, remains, where can yo
... moreu find the time to be objective, to be immensely calm, to be anything else but concerned? No, he thought, walking slowly, in the hall, there seems to be nothing I can do except go on being afraid and being afraid of being afraid.” –Charles UnderhillDo you remember what it was like to be a kid? The fears of children are varied and this novelette by Ray Bradbury crystallizes a child and a parent’s fears in a tight, disturbing, trippy story that will send a shiver up your spine.“Are all playgrounds like this?” Underhill said.“Some,” replied the boy on the playground. “Maybe this is the only one like this. Maybe it’s just how you look at it, Charlie. Things are what you want them to be.”And in this story, the Playground is hell, the place where children go to be bullied and beaten, and it is this fate, that of living a childhood of torment, that Charlie wants to save his son from experiencing. The bottom line: Mr. Bradbury takes the traditional viewpoint--that childhood is the best time of our lives--and flips this notion on its head, holding a mirror to the reader that says, "No, it isn't! Here's why!" This was my first Ray Bradbury story and it won’t be the last. less
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Bradbury's playgrounds must have been really rough, maybe it's a generational thing.
This book made me a nervous wreck lol.
Audible freebie.
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