“Vicious Circle” in Quantum Wanderlust

Quantum WanderlustThe time travel anthology I’m part of released last week. It’s currently doing rather well, but things could always be better. It’s totally free, so a download costs you nothing but a few seconds of your time.

If you want to write a review, though, that would be really helpful. And really, it won’t take too much longer than the actual download does.

Let me tell you a little about my story, “Vicious Circle”.

Picture, if you will, a man who is holding onto his sanity by one frayed, tenuous thread. He’s struggling with everything—physically, personally, professionally. He’s got one last chance to turn things around. It’s a long shot, but he has to take it. If only he knew what was going to happen. It would make things so much easier to plan and react.

Can you imagine his surprise when he’s transported into the future and gets a glimpse at how things turn out?

“Vicious Circle” is a story of desperation and love, of a bleak status quo and an unimaginable future. And it’s one of thirteen stories available for download.

Get your free copy of Quantum Wanderlust today.

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“Vicious Circle” Excerpt:

He dashed across the driveway, his boots crunching on the gravel and sending cinders flying behind him. The wind was too bracing not to keep a brisk pace. All he wanted was to climb in the truck, crank the heat, and get to the gate. Maybe he’d be lucky and it would be a foreclosure notice.

Even though he’d already driven that morning, the beat-up Chevy was cold. It took three tries before the old beast roared to life, the tailpipe belching out a dark cloud of exhaust when the motor finally turned over. Only then did Sebastian get to blast the heat—it blew cold air, but it was still warmer than the ambient temperature—and he held his fingers to the vent as he headed down the drive.

A brand new red special edition Silverado idled on the other side of the gate. Dang, that thing had to cost a fortune. It was shiny and clean—a far cry from his mud-splattered, primer-patched beater. How’d a delivery man afford something like that? Bas got out of his truck and walked to the gate.

A kid jumped out of the Silverado and approached him. “Lazy Eight Ranch? Sebastian and Amelia Faust.”

“It’s Faust Farms.”

The kid pointed to a fancy iron logo stretched above the gate. “Isn’t that an eight on its side?”

“This used to be Lazy Eight. We changed the name to Faust Farms when we bought it. I’m Sebastian Faust.”

“Isn’t it unlucky to rename a ranch?”

“Isn’t it unlucky to piss off a farmer with a rifle in his truck?”

The kid thrust the envelope and a hand-held computer device between two iron bars in the gate. “You need to sign for it.”

Bas yanked both items out of the kid’s hands, scrawled an illegible scribble on the signature line of the device, and tossed it back.

Stupid kid dropped it. “Hey, man! You’re paying for this if it’s broken.”

“Good luck collecting on that.”

“Just you wait. When my dad finds out—”

But Sebastian had already rounded the bumper of his truck. He climbed in and slammed the door, shutting out the kid’s tirade. Millennials. Totally useless. That’s where the kid had gotten the money for the truck—Daddy’s pocket. Too bad Bas’s dad wasn’t around. But both he and Amelia had lost their parents years ago. Neither had any siblings. They only had each other.

So, we see in this excerpt that Sebastian is in a bad place. If you’d like to know if things get better or worse for him, it’ll only cost you the time involved in downloading the anthology. And, I suppose, the time to read the story. Here’s a universal link.

In the meantime, if you have a comment on the excerpt or the release, I’d love to hear it. Leave a comment below. Thanks.

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