₸welfth Ŋight ~ Ȝule

Twelfth Night. Last night.

A great deal has been written on “Why Twelve Nights”; most of it speculation, because, we simply don’t know. Looking through the lens of history, there are many educated and well-researched articulations that can be made. I have made more than a few myself in this series of blog posts.

At the end of day however, we each must find that significance which has meaning to us, as individuals, as families, and as kindreds. For myself, these Twelve Nights have been a journey into the Dark Night of the Soul.

I know the Winter Solstice as Cron Huel, the ‘Dark Wheel’. More than being the ‘dark of winter’, or the ‘darkest tide’, for me it has also always been both a life-process and a Seidr-process. The Dark Night is a time of stillness following sustained and intense Seidr activity.  It is then, both a purgation and illumination. You see, this Dark Night is a time of self-willed Absence, of Nothingness, of loss that falls head-first and fast into Dark Ecstasy. The Dark Night is both the circumference and center, the Great Serpant that grasps its own tail only to swallow itself whole.

It is essential to Wyrd, that it holds within, and so Become.

Faith is participation. It is choosing not to choose,
and turning to decide that all is undecided and awaits –
eternal journey. It is influential. Know that I can journey
and all realms of experience are open to my tread.
Share with another and they travel also. Believe that what
I behold is ‘just imagination’ or ‘just expectation’ and I am
moored tight to my own shore. Can or can’t, real or imagined:
either way I’m ‘right’. The can and real are richer and connect me
to a deeper journey. Bliss is in moments but the moments are far longer
than they seem. Each is endless if one but let it be so.
–Seidr Sprehhan 12

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Would You Know More, And What?

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Top: painting by Henrik Uldalen, untitled

Bottom: digital art by Mat Sheridan, ‘Dark Night’

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