3 Swimsuit Styles for Pear-Shaped Girls

Pear-shaped girl problems!

I bet that many of you spend way too much time scrolling through strangers’ Instagram posts. Don’t worry, I’m not one to judge cause I do it too!

You know when you come across a beautiful girl in a great bathing suit and think to yourself, I wonder how I’m going to look like in it. I should buy this bathing suit.

Unfortunately, if you are pear-shaped like me, you know you can’t pull off every bathing suit style. So many times I have fallen into the same trap of thinking that this particular bathing suit will be any different from the previous 5!

I’m slowly starting to force myself to accept the reality that only certain types of swimsuits look good on me (at least in my opinion). [Despite having a relatively nice body, I have as many confidence issues as any other girl on the planet. We all torture ourselves, but we can’t help it.]

So, here are the types of bathing suits I think look best on girls with big hips and small chest:

One-piece suit with a high cut-out 

(I say high cut-out because if the bottom is low, it makes your hips look bigger)

Triangle top and low-rise bottom or waist-high band bottom

Triangle-like top (but NOT bandeau top) with low-rise bottom 

To see more of my style, follow me on instagram @galinasgs

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