A Better Place DVD

It’s a good movie.

This indie film looks like a college film. Vincent Pereira was one of the only people whom Kevin Smith could count on to help make movies out in the early days. As Smith’s Clerks kicked ass, and made him into an indie hero, and somewhat wealthy, he returned the favor and gave $40k to Vincent.

The low budget shows, but the movie was good. I grew up on low budget public television teen dramas, perhaps from Canada, with a moral, and this kind of fits in with that genre, except with guns and blood.

The story is about a cynical, somewhat nerdy, guy who moves to a small city outside of some New Jersey city I forgot already.  The local high school is populated with a bunch of assholes.  Instead of caving in, the guy stands up for himself, and ends up hated.

He makes friends with a kid who is a bigger asshole, and considered a local creep, but is smart as hell. This dude also has a fucked up home life. Eventually, our protagonist makes friends with the local goth weirdos, and develops an social life, so he tries to help his creep buddy out.

OK, I won’t go on any longer, because it’ll become a spoiler, but the creep guy is pictured in the cover, above, with a gun. Note that he’s also pointing the gun at someone. So, YES, SOMEONE GETS SHOT DEAD.

It’s that kind of movie. No happy ending. Pretty bleak, but the whole vibe throughout is a little like those public television teen dramas, which made it special for me.

This appears to be a review copy, and it has the actual signatures of Kevin Smith and Vincent Pereira on some envelope, and I think it was to grant permission to reprint screen shots or something.

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