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The Companions (2013)

by R.A. Salvatore(Favorite Author)
4.34 of 5 Votes: 1
0786963719 (ISBN13: 9780786963713)
Wizards of the Coast
The Sundering
review 1: I had not read any Drizzt books for years before receiving this as a gift, so the first couple of chapters were bewildering: everyone's dead? And now they're getting reincarnated? But once I got past that, I enjoyed the adventures of Regis, Bruenor, and Catti-brie as they grew up and prepared for their date with destiny. I liked Regis's & Bruenor's trials more--found them more interesting and more enjoyable. Catti's was a bit dull. Overall, a fun read once I got into it.
review 2: I've read all of RA Salvatore's books on Drizzt and this one blew me away. In my opinion the best novel RA Salvatore's written because I felt it takes the reader back to the joy, excitement and adventure that marked the realms before the events of the spell-plague. It just felt like
... more closure to previous events that left you awed and asking for more, and of course the sense of amazing new things lying ahead for Drizzt and company. less
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4.5 I really enjoyed this one... probably one of his best.
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