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Sotto I Giunchi (2014)

by Amy Lane(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 4
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: A good story has tragedy and happiness tangled in each other, and this one has it. I struggled a bit in the beginning trying to figure the terminology in this setting. But then, Ms. Lane swept me off into the new awful world that our MCs lived in. There were monsters portraying as human; which as in other fairy tale met their dooms in the hand of the hero. There were casualties, martyrs, hero in monster cloth, and sacrifices. And of course, there were hatred, friendship, suspicion, love and lust. Dorjan of Kyon’s Keep and his best-friend, the brilliant scientist Areau, were young idealistic soldiers of Biemansland, marching to nearby province to destroy weapon stockpile. What followed changed and scarred them for life. For Taern, the encounter with Dorjan before the Arma... moregeddon befalling his keep left bitter impression that soon changed when the grapevine and street-talk clued him on what happened. Their next encounter marked another change that soon evolved most of their lives and culminated to the ultimate sacrifices.
review 2: This book was difficult for me to rate. I love Amy Lane's writing. However, I got distracted by all the steam punk elements. The world building didn't really come together for me. Early on I became confused by the action, and I had a hard time visualizing the world and it's trappings.The romantic elements were spot on though. The way she shows two characters connecting is beautiful. I always walk away from one of her books knowing that the two main characters are perfect for each other. In the end I'd say this was a 3.5. less
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Booyah!! Amy Lane rocked the steampunk! Gotta write a proper review for this now...
My favorite Amy Lane book ever! 4.5 stars but there is no way I can round down.
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