ARC Review: Windswept (Wales #2) by Deborah Martin, Sabrina Jeffries

Title: Windswept (Wales #2)

Author: Deborah Martin, Sabrina Jeffries

Publisher: Pocket Books

Expected Publication Date: February 28, 2017

Genre: Historical, Romance

Format: eBook, Paperback

Page Count: 384

Rating: 2- Stars



Originally written under the pseudonym Deborah Martin, this unforgettable tale of mystery, treasure, and passion is back in print at last and newly revised for today’s audience!

Welsh widow Catrin Price is haunted by a family death curse. Any man whom she marries without first drinking from an ancient Druid chalice sold by her ancestor long ago is unquestionably doomed. But when she hunts it down to purchase it, the chalice’s former owner ends up dead. Who will believe her innocent with the man’s treasure in her hands? Now she lives in fear of discovery, afraid to trust, afraid to give away her heart…

Even Newcome, a scholar struggling to overcome a difficult past, travels to Wales to find the mysterious woman last seen with his murdered friend. So when the lady proves to be a beautiful yet shy creature who shares his love of Welsh mythology, he’s torn between believing her guilty and trusting the passion blazing between them. But as unscrupulous men seek the chalice for their own devious purposes, will Catrin and Evan let their wall of mistrust stand between them? Or will they defeat their enemies together and embrace the love intended for them since time immemorial?


♦ Personal Thought ♦

Review for the Second Edition

It pains me to say this, but I don’t particularly like this book. The writings is what’s expected of the author’s, whatever pen-name she writes under; I don’t find fault in that. I just can’t seem to like the characters in the story!

As much as I get the difficulties for both hero and heroine presented by the storyline, the necessity to be truly frank and suspect the other of something, I couldn’t get pass the bully and timid, weak-minded impressions they depicted in my head.

I don’t mean Evan physically forced the heroine (he did show some volatile temper later on, but that’s beside the point) but his endless coercion didn’t feel fine to me. And Catrin… she really failed to impress me with her ever evasive ways to deal with things.

Also grated on my nerves the implication that since the heroine was a widow, her being a virgin was mute anyway so why not deflower her anyway.. wait, what!?!?! That’s the most unromantic things a hero could say to his intended!!

I guess the barely intriguing part to follow was the chalice and the curse. Barely. It could’ve been more interesting if the mystery and how it was solved taken more pages instead of on bedding the virgin than shown here. At least it’s good to see how Lady Juliana and Rhys fare after the previous book ended. As far as the current story though, it didn’t work that well for me.

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