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When The Thrill Is Gone (2011)

by Walter Mosley(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 5
1594487812 (ISBN13: 9781594487811)
Riverhead Hardcover
Leonid McGill
review 1: Missed the first two books in this series about Leonid McGill, but Mosley's writing gives you enough back-story to figure out how we got where we are. Plenty of good mystery/crime/detective writes out there; Mosley's take is different than most, at least in this series. HIs dark, unforgiving look at the world doesn't diminish the enjoyment of the book. The story moves quickly, and for a while you can't figure out exactly where it's going. Good writing, just enough holes in the plot to keep you guessing.
review 2: Walter Mosley is one of my favorite mystery writers. He is really a writer of excellent literary fiction that happens to be in the detective novel form. I love the layers of meaning, insight, literary references, well-drawn characters, and excellent
... more writing in all of his books. . All this is combined with a fast plot, a likable protagonist, and clever twists and turns. As enjoyable as this book was, I only gave it 3 stars because I felt that his previous series with lead detective, Easy Rawlins, was better than the current one. I loved Easy! I also liked the historical backdrop of the previous stories - Los Angeles in Watts during the 1950s- 60s. This novel was in the current day, and I found the setting a little less engaging and colorful than the Easy series. less
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Mysteries within mysteries, a complex hero and good writing. I liked it a lot.
Good Read...May be my favorite of the Lenoid Mc Gill mysteries.
Great book on to the next series. .
Loved It!! A great read!!
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