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The Bride Bargain (2008)

by Kelly Eileen Hake(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
1602601755 (ISBN13: 9781602601758)
Barbour Books
Prairie Promises
review 1: Ms Hake's books pull me into the story and allows me to sit on the sidelines to cheer on the characters. Saul's determination to leave Buttonwood to set up his practice in Baltimore is a very noble cause. Midge is a wonderful supporting character that adds depth. Clara made me laugh often with her shennanigans to reach her goal. Readers almost see new stories branching off of this one. I can't wait to meet everyone again and see how Clara and Saul are doing.
review 2: "The Bride Bargain" by Kelly Eileen Hake had me turning the pages to see what happens next even long after my bedtime. I just couldn't put the book down. I found the book to be full of those moments where one just might groan out loud because of how obvious things were to the reader, and the cha
... moreracters are completely clueless. There were times when I wanted to just give them a good, but gentle, slap across the back of the head because a character was just so clueless or the deed was so obvious. Clara is a determined woman who constantly is working. She is both strong physically and spiritually but there are somethings that she has to overcome mentally. She enters an unusual deal with Saul's father to help find him a wife, but dear ol' dad has his own ideas.Saul is a doctor who is focused on spending sometime in his father's store, while his dad is visiting family. He only plans to be there until his father gets back then is on the road to go back to where he came from.I felt so bad for Clara and her aunt at the beginning of the book, and then I just couldn't help but wonder what on earth Clara was thinking sometimes. I feel that at times, Clara was unwilling to take off her blinders that she seems to wear at times, and I just wanted to slap her. Saul has good ideas, plans and motives for what is driving him, but he too seems to wear blinders at times. I couldn't help but laugh with his first patient in town. Now that was a scene that was just too much. To me though it showed his true character of a caring guy.Like I said I just couldn't put the book down until long after my bed time for I didn't want to stop for I was so entrenched in what was happening. To me the book was full of humor, secrets, get backs and truces. I am looking forward to reading the other two books in the series. less
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I thought it was a very good book.
Just kinda boring.
Good quick read
I loveit
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