Before you leave…

There is so much things to get before you go on a backpacking trip.. Thankfully Nicole helped me out with getting together a checklist before I left and now I’ll give it to you all.

** If you’re from Canada, you do NOT need a visa to enter Europe. We get a visitors visa upon entry. You have 90 days out of 180 day period to be in the Schegan Area, and 90 days out of 180 to be out of it once you leave. The reason I was about to stay longer than 90 days is because I left the Schegan Area a few times and for long enough. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP TRACK OF THIS. Once you leave the Schegan Area your new 90 days out of the Schegan is started, and you can leave and re-enter within those 180 days and it just adds on. It does NOT restart. Example, I’m in X country (Schegan) for 85 days leave and go to Y country(Not in Schegan) for 10 days.. I can go to any country in the schegan for 15 days then I HAVE TO get out and only visit countries in Non Schegan. You cannot exceed 90 days in one area. YA FEEL?! If that makes sense? Google the countries included in each area before you go. Some places require an entry visa. Example Turkey when I went was $65 to enter and you could only stay 90 days within a 180 day period JUST IN TURKEY.. I hope that makes sense. Make sure with your country you figure out visas BEFORE YOU GO 

Apps to download before you head to Europe

  • HostelWorld : Well this is a given if you’re looking for cheap places to stay. I love staying in hostels but trust me when I say this… READ HOSTEL REVIEWS AND LOOK AT PHOTOS.. I didn’t in London and got the grossest hostel I had ever stayed at it was like a dingy motel with bunk beds. In my London post I will tell you all about it. Don’t go for a hostel with less than 4 stars, check they have free wi-fi, free linen, lockers and free breakfast is always a bonus, you wont find free breakfast everywhere though. Also LAUNDRY!!! Going to a laundry mat you gotta bring our own soap annd pay for your loads. If your hostel has laundry its like 2 euro for a wash and 2 euro for a dry usually and that’s so much cheaper because they give you soap and its in the building you’re in and you feel good about leaving it unattended lol. AREA is a big one, make sure its central and close to transit or right in city center and close to things to see and do. sometimes a hostel can be dirt cheap but then you look at the area and it’s actually out of the city or something… not worth it.
  • FlixBus: Amazing bus company I used them pretty much all over Europe. They were my main form of transportation through countries. You get comfy seats, plug-ins by each chair, wi-fi, you can throw you bags under the bus so you wont ever have to share a seat with your bag (like me on the trains) and a bathroom on board. I took the train a few times and hated it. FlixBus is the bomb. Also you can cancel your trip and use the money towards another trip. I think you are able to cancel up to 15 mins before departure.
  • GoEuro: App that compares prices/length/hours between bus, train, and flight and occasionally blablacar.(where applicable). Best app to see what’s a better deal and faster way to get somewhere.
  • Couchsurfing: If you’re not alone or even if you are, and/or feel comfortable with this… This app is honestly awesome. You set up a profile and fill it completely, add photos and post you trip there. It’s a way to stay with locals for free, and get to know people. I did it six times I believe and its a lot of fun. This is not a place to use people for free place to stay and hospitality. These people want to get to know you and learn about you and some may want to show you around and bring you places. Most people ask you to mention something in your request to see if you read their bio and understand what kind of people they would like to host. I met some great people through this app. You need to verify yourself and there’s four ways I believe, ID card, address, payment, and info. I didn’t do payment but if you do pay you get a verified check and people will trust you more and you can trust those people more. You can use this app to meet people if you’re alone and lonely or want someone to show you around or go for drinks with. like I said SUPER COOL.
  • AirB&B: Similar to couch surfing but not free and sometimes the people aren’t home. When I used it, the couple was home. But you’re pretty much renting a room or a house.  I’m sure you all have heard about this before, so I wont get into it too much. If you have questions though ask me obviously