Black Pill Warning from Q-Anon via Twitter ~ Jan. 5, 2018

Okay folks…here it comes. Please read this post just released that I found on Starship Earth. Fort hose of you who repost my blogs, please, please repost this one as quickly as possible. Timing is everything, and now I know why I just watched a 3-hour video (House of Windsors and the NWO) until midnight on YouTube. Many thanks, and…


Q says this is an urgent message; to share with everyone; that time is short.

Since the Twitter update is difficult to read in this narrow format at Starship Earth, please go to our webmaster’s blog to see a large, legible  version. Thanks, Patrick.

It sounds like things are about to get stormy.  ~ BP

#QanonRelay on Twitter – #OperationMockingBird #TheStorm



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