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Watching The Dark (2012)

by Peter Robinson(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 1
0771076479 (ISBN13: 9780771076473)
McClelland & Stewart
Inspector Banks
review 1: Have read most all the DCI Banks series and watched many of the TV series but this book was tedious! Slow. Great Annie was recovered from the big shoot out last book in series but hardly a mention of the daughter. Yet again another beautiful colleague hanging on, high heels and all! Who truly in this profession and day and age wears high heels...honestly! Little close feeling to Banks in this story. Seemed rather plotted and plodding. Topics addressed honey trapping a cop, eastern block crime and corruption. Illegal work trafficking. Bad conditions. Britains notorious alcohol problem and the full disgrace of the stag or hen parties inflicted on other countries! Just all rather done before or made for TV .... Okay read if on holiday and only paperback in the... more inn!
review 2: This is only the second book that I have read by this author, but it is very good, for the murder mystery genre--the main character is complicated, and the plot is not unneccesarily complicated. This one has current murders that are linked to a past disappearance in Estonia--which is a playground for young Brits, with discount airline fares and the value of the pound going far. It gives you a sense of what former USSR occupied countries struggle with post Soviet Union, and also that there are ancient pasts associated with them. Nicely done. less
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Another enjoyable book from Peter Robinson. This one felt more like he was writing a screenplay.
Great reads but still think could be written a little tighter like his earlier novels
Alan Banks is one of the best detectives sleuthing in England.
Great story, lots of suspense and action.
Love Inspector Banks.
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