Book review: Have No Fear!, by Nicole C. Kear, illustrated by Tracy Dockray

Kear, Nicole C. Have No Fear. Illustrated by Tracy Dockray.(The Fix-It Friends series)  Imprint, 2017. $5.99. ISBN 9781250085849. 144 pages. Ages 6-9. Book 1 in the Fix-It Friends series. P7 Q7

Veronica wants to help her friend Maya with her fear of bugs. As Veronica is helping Maya, she realizes that she needs to allow others to help her as well. The book includes a worry tool box that gives children step by step instructions on how to deal with worry. It also shares what worry feels like. At the end of the book, there are resources which include book lists for children, parents and websites for parents who have children who are struggling with anxiety. It also includes a website address for Fix-It Friend’s games and activities. The website has different topics children can click on to find ways to cope with varies issues. The Fix-It Friends have no fear is a chapter book in the series Fix-it Friends. Even though it is in a series, it can also stand alone.

Verdict: I recommend this book for all libraries and for parents whose children deal with anxiety. As a family advocate, I will be adding this book to my personal library and recommending it to several families.

June 2017 review by Tami Harris.



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