Book Review: The V Card by Lili Valente and Lauren Blakely

These two ladies have a habit of turning me into a cheerleader, and I stayed on the sidelines right through double-overtime, waving my pom-poms like a lunatic. It’s IMPOSSIBLE not to root for this power couple. Both business owners, both strong, confident carriers of golden hearts, and both falling for someone they promised themselves they wouldn’t even stumble for.
This book was hot, y’all. Like, HOT! But amid the panty-melting, core-throbbing, vapor-inducing sexual tension, this story was all heart. There was a subtle tenderness that crept through the pages that will have even the most calloused b***hes dabbing at their eyes, wishing for more once ‘The End’ rolls around.

The writing was flawless, characters were original and lovable, and the story arc was uplifting, enthralling, and five-alarm chili hot.
Much like the hero and heroine in this story, Lauren and Lili are a power couple you don’t want to cross, and once you dive into The V Card, you’ll know why.

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