Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison

Startled by His Furry Shorts (Book 7)
Georgia is in love with a gorgeous Italian, Massimo the God of Love, but he has to think about whether he wants to go out with her or not. In the meantime there is Dave the Laugh, who’s just a mate (really) and Robbie, her old boyfriend known as the Sex God. It should be great having all these potential boyfriends about but it’s actually quite confusing. And Georgia doesn’t do confusing very well. This is her story of how she copes (or not) with life, love, her friends, her mad family and her own inability to be calm and collected.

Luurve is a Many Trousered Thing (Book 8)
Georgia now has to make a choice – is she going to chose her first great love, Sex God Robbie or will she plump for the Italian God of Love Massimo. Or has she blown it with both of them? And whilst she is struggling with her feelings, why does she always think of Dave the Laugh?

These books are mad and funny with some great truths and poignant moments about the agonies of teenage boyfriends. Or lack of teenage boyfriends. The book is pure fun and escapism. It may not win any literary gongs but who cares – I loved it and so will many teen girl readers. If you’re worried that by reading a fun book like this your teen reader isn’t reading good literature, you shouldn’t. They’re reading and they are enjoying reading. That is a big plus. Ideally you’d like them to read a book or series like this alongside other more literary books but books like this can be a great stepping stone to other styles of writing.

There are ten books in the collection.

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