By: Lynlee Coffee


A newer expedition at Odyssey is the Culinary class taught by Mr. Curro. It was introduced last year, and it is one of the most popular expeditions at Odyssey by far. Culinary meets on Wednesdays and Friday’s at the Cole Community Center. The Cole’s Center has an open gym, summer programs, after school program’s, and Sunday school classrooms. They generously donated their kitchen space for Odyssey to use.

Mr. Curro was introduced to cooking by his Dad and Grandma. They gave Mr. Curro his foundation for cooking. His other reason was simply because he loves food. He started to realize his passion for cooking when he was in college and realized almost no one knew how to cook delicious yet nutritious food. In his words, “Cooking is my form of art, it brings me life.” He started teaching the culinary class to share his passion for cooking, and to start developing young people’s cooking skills early on. His favorite meals to cook are salmon or eggplant parmesan; his favorite meal to eat is pad thai.


Since it is only the second week of school there isn’t much news to tell on the class, except for getting sno-cones at Sasquatch in the Plaza District on the first day in result of being locked out of the Cole Community Center.


We have a great blend of students including: Kennedy McIntyre, Liv Hall, Ashlyn Johnson, Harrison Molloy, Lynlee Coffee, Jacob Gunn, Christman Coffee, Preslie Horton, Shelby Lichtenberger, and Joanna Beaird.

Here are a few words from the students in the culinary class:

Harrison Molloy’s favorite part of Culinary has been, “chopping vegetables and forgetting the cooking equipment,”  and Jacob Gunn decided to sign up for culinary because according to him, “I’m a gucci hoochie moochie in the kitchen.”


Now that culinary has had access to the kitchen, their class has had the opportunity to cook two ground-breaking exotic culinary masterpieces: french fries and veggie soup. In all seriousness it was a great way to open up the class for the year!

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