Day 3 – Have you seen Elephant?

After a brief deliberation, Tobias chose Have you seen Elephant by David Barrow for this evening’s bedtime story.

This was a really funny read, telling the story of a boy who is invited to play hide and seek with an Elephant who is, in his own words, “very good.” After counting to 10, the boy searches high and low but can’t find the Elephant anywhere, a quest that is brought to life hilariously by the fantastic illustrations. It’s clear that the author/illustrator is a talented artist with these water-colour illustrations.

As the boy searches his house and garden, we see Elephant hiding in plain sight – under a duvet, behind a TV, as dad watches the football oblivious, and (mostly) in a shed. Tobias really enjoyed being able to find the Elephant, especially when the boy could not!

I asked him what he enjoyed most about the story and he said, “when boy no can find him behind the tree!” Cute eh!

This is a really enjoyable, beautifully illustrated story – one we will be coming back to again and again for a laugh and a game of hide and seek! 5/5!

There is even a hint at a sequel when the book ends with a tortoise inviting the boy to play tag and warning that he is, you guessed it, “very good!” Fingers crossed that David is painting and writing right now!

If you would like to enjoy this with your child, the book can be bought here – tps://

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