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The Chocolate Book Bandit (2013)

by JoAnna Carl(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 4
0451239547 (ISBN13: 9780451239549)
NAL Hardcover
A Chocoholic Mystery
review 1: I was already rolling my eyes when the main used the word 'dadgum!' in her head but then had a major pause at the overly complex dialogue used to demonstrate the main's speech impediment (malapropisms)and then, finding out there are characters with names like Butch Cassidy, Lolly Jolly and Jerry Cherry...well, I just couldn't continue. There might be a decent mystery in there somewhere but I'm not going to dig past the ridiculousness to get to it.
review 2: Another good light read in the Chocoholic Mystery series. These books are repetitive and sort of silly but I like the setting in Michigan; it reminds me of Leland, Michigan where I vacation. This one is especially interesting to me since the murders occur in the local library and the protagonist works in
... morea chocolate shop and loves chocolate. So, a mystery that involves a library and chocolate--what's not to like. less
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This series is great. I like the way that Lee and Joe talked about their doubts.
I really didn't like the 'cheating' overtones of this one.
Quick read, not a lot of meat to it but interesting.
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