Day 365 (Sun Dec 31) watercolor faces, Qor vs White Nights?

I used kelogsloops again from youtube for these practice entries. I haven’t done faces and admire them but don’t really know how? These are from entries in his watercolor journal… you can find him on youtube and see his originals, which are much nicer. I stayed fairly true with the first one and took quite a few liberties with the second, but it is still very definitely his design, face, and hair. These are quite fun and I’m hoping in 2018 to be able to design my own. The first (blue) used Qor paints, the second (red) used White Nights. I enjoyed both, the Qor kept more vibrancy as they dried. Drying lighter is normal for watercolors, so not a weakness in the White Nights, but an unusual attribute I think of Qor and Daniel Smith.

My last entry for 2017!! I wish I had been able to do something EVERY day, and not missed so many days the last quarter, but I really learned a lot this year and consider my project a success, even though I missed some days. (And I’m so happy that I ended on 365!! I expected my count to be off!) Many days I invested HOURS, not moments, so maybe it kind of evens out. There’s no way I could have painted these faces last Christmas, even copying someone. I didn’t even know I enjoyed watercolor. I have a lot of favorite pieces from this year… even a bunch of things I DIDN’T COPY from someone else’s idea, but created myself, so YAY ME. And I’m figuring out my “style”, which is cool. I expect to continue my project into 2018. If there are things you’d like me to try, or supplies you’d like to see tested, let me know. And happy new year… 2017 was good, and 2018 will be better. There’s a lot to look forward to…  Stuff we don’t even know about yet. Exciting things are coming our way!!


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