Desert Heat – J.A. Jance

4/5 Desert Mines

On The Back:

Life is good for Joanna Brady in the small desert community of Bisbee. She has Jenny, her adored nine-year-old daughter, and solid, honest, and loving husband, Andy, a local lawman who’s running for Sheriff of Cochise County. But her good life explodes when a bullet destroys Andy Brady’s future and leaves him dying beneath the blistering Arizona sun.

My Thoughts:

Fast-paced, engaging, and fun, Desert Heat was the perfect book for a hot summer day like today. For my cozy followers, this wasn’t quite a cozy, but it was still excellent.

Joanna was a determined, strong, and smart woman who didn’t take nonsense from anyone. I really loved Angie Kellogg and her character, and I hope she comes back in the next books. Really each and every character was well thought-out and each one was a pleasure to read about.

The mystery was stellar, absolutely stellar. It was by far the star of the entire book and it was intricately pieced together in such a way that I absolutely did not expect the end. Filled with small-town corruption, personal issues, and a faked suicide, the mystery was by far one of the best I’ve read in a while.

Overall an excellent book. Just like Loyalty, this series will be perfect when I want something a little bit different from a cozy. Recommend!

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