Fatherhood by Lagos Charisma


Ti omode ba wuwa buruku

Wan a ni mama e lo jor

Ti omode ba wuwa gidi

Wan a ni baba e lo jor

To be a man is not a day job

To be a father is not a paid job

What’s a Father without a great job?

Horrible is a father figure

When the morale fades off

I respect every father out there

To our mothers I mean no disrespect

To this effect, we should reflect


Fathers can’t do mothers job

mothers can’t do fathers job

Fathers don’t need loads of eulogy

The gift of a father is successful son

The joy of a father is his legacy you carry on

Being a dad is difficult job

you want to raise a good family

you have to pet the baby

even pet the Mummy

Daddy taught me to say two things

what is right and what keeps the peace

what is right is for the kids

what keeps the peace is for moms

Homefront, fix everything mom wants

Provide and ignore how it’s spent

if death comes knocking

a father should choose to die first

Landlord six feet below

We send our prayers

Landlady cashes out on rents

The pride of fatherhood,

my absence is the only thing you should lack.

You can’t give the family everything

You can give the family great things

Dear dad, Everytime I pray you live longer

so long that you guide this family longer

Long live the fatherhood

Long live the fathers in the hood

you don’t wanna make your daughter see what you made girls see in your heyday.

you know what goes around comes around


akoni o fe ki won gbe ida gba ori owun




Fatherhood is the first of 16 track of coming spoken word poetry titled Family Affair by Lagos Charisma. Do stay tuned to experience the remaining.


Image Credit: Time Magazine Cover June 28, 1993

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