Finding Audrey

It’s probably no surprise that I loved this book! I can totally relate to Audrey.

Audrey hides behind her sunglasses. Literally. Following ‘the incident’ at school (the details of which you never find out and has caused me a great deal of inner turmoil!), her parents have no choice but to keep her home. Her family are the only people she has contact with and the walls of her house are her safety net.

Sophie Kinsella wrote the ‘Shopaholic’ series which I read and adored in my teens. As a ‘YA’ book it made for an easy read but that’s not to say it makes light of a somewhat dark subject.

Throughout Audrey’s experiences with Linus I felt great sympathy, hope, envy, pride and frustration. Kinsella really enables you to form an emotional attachment to Audrey, as she faces challenges others just wouldn’t understand. And who knows, maybe there’s a Linus out there for everyone….



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