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The Ripper (2011)

by L.J. Smith(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 4
0062113933 (ISBN13: 9780062113931)
The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries
review 1: I'm not exactly sure what I would give this book, so I'm going with three stars (although I feel three stars is sort of a stretch). It was interesting in some ways, but very anticlimactic and dull in others. I've enjoyed the other books in the Stefans Diaries series, but this one just didnt really do it for me. Despite my lack of satisfaction with this book, I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the CW show & is looking for a quick read
review 2: Let's try this again, shall we?ATTENTION, THIS REVIEW MAINTAINS HUGE SPOILERS!I can't find a better way to describe the Stefan's Diaries series but trash. It is an insult to the original books written by Ms. Smith. The same goes for the show. I hate how they just want to go ahead and change shit just because t
... morehey felt like it or thought that It might be better off a brunette with the brain of a pea stuck in a love triangle of two idjits. What happened to making shows like Buffy, Angel? I know that for this comment I might get a lot of hatred, but let's be serious. Do I look like I give a F**k?And here is your stupid spoiler: This book is not about Stefan being the Ripper but the ACTUAL Ripper himself.FLAG THAT ONE FUCKERS! less
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Liked it! Really been enjoying all of them, and looking forward to reading the last one
This was a re-read and was as wonderful as The first time I read it.
slightly disappointed in these
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