How to sell clickbank products?

Clickbank is one of the biggest, if not the biggest platform for selling digital products.

Some say that there are a lot of crappy products, but I found that there are still some good products available, in all sorts of niches.

What I like most about Clickbank is that their customer service is top notch. I have not seen a platform with such a good customer service like Clickbank.

In case a customer isn’t satisfied with a product, he can claim a refund within 6 months after the initial purchase, and he’ll get his money back very quickly.

The vendor don’t have to deal with refund requests, that’s awesome.

But when it comes to selling Clickbank products, you gotta follow a few ground rules to have the highest conversion as possible.

Rule #1: Always have a landing page build between your traffic source and the actual offer. Most people don’t bother building a landing page although it’s something that will increase your conversion rate very quickly if you align your copy with your audience.

Rule #2: When you start collecting people’s email addresses, the goal is not to make an initial sale. That’s what most people completely get wrong.

The believe they must make as many sales as possible right after they opted in.

That’s wrong. The goal here is to build a long term business. To build a relationship with your subscribers. To give them value in exchange for their trust and sympathy. And then, eventually they will buy.

Basically, if you just follow these 2 simple ground rules, you should be able to take your affiliate business with clickbank to another level.

Ohhh, and btw, these rules can be applied to any other affiliate marketing products, no matter if they’re been sold on Clickbank or any other platform.



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