It’s alive!

A couple of years ago, I won a Watermans fountain pen on eBay for just a few dollars, knowing full well the pen wasn’t functional.

I soaked the pen in warm, soapy water to get it clean, but I couldn’t figure how how to seperate the section (grip) from the barrel.

I researched how to refurbish a Watermans, but I never found anything specific to this pen. I had no idea if it was threaded and unscrewed or if it was just held together by friction and a good twist would get it off.

Well, a good twist using my finger strength never did get it to separate, so in frustration, I took two pairs of pliars to it and finally got it apart. I had tried to protect the pen with a thin piece of rubber, but it didn’t help. If you look closely, you can see bite marks on the grip. (Yes, I learned my lesson and plan to get a pair of section pliars before my next pen surgery.)

After separation, I set the pieces aside for several months until recently, when I started cleaning the inside of the barrel of all the remnants of the old ink sac.

I took measurements, then ordered a new bladder. Today, I replaced the bladder following the steps I took when I did the same for my Esterbrook J several years ago.

I inked it up with some Diamine Oxblood, since the pen is, after all, red, and tested it. It writes very well, as well as most of my other fountain pens and I look forward to putting it into my regular everyday carry rotation.

Here are a few pictures.

I still have no idea what model it is or how old. The only identification on the pen is “Watermans” on the pocket clip. “Waterman’s Made in USA” on the barrel. And “Watermans Ideal 14k” on the nib.

Now it’s been resurrected and can look forward to a happy life helping me write my stories.

Ink up, write on


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