Journal #234 – Outing with friends

I went out with my friends earlier today. We went to Sitex 2017, which is located at Expo, Singapore.

I met one of my friend first at Jurong East MRT station at around 12.30. Sadly, I was late. It was my fault really. Poor sense of time.

After that, we met up with another friend at Changi City Point and I suggested we eat at a restaurant call, Table Manners.

All of us ordered the same dish, Fish and Chip with Truffle Fries.

The fish was decent, not too soft or tough. The fries were acceptable.

For drinks, I ordered something called C . Basically, it’s a mixture of strawberry puree, oranges, apples, and carrots.

I actually like the taste of the drink. It has a good mix of sourness and sweetness to it. Well, being a software developer, the name C remind me of the programming language itself. Fitting drink for me.

After that, we went to Sitex and walked around it. We simply browse around as we have nothing to buy. This tech show is like any other tech show in Singapore every year—roughly the same products, roughly the same kind of sales, excessive and redundant products in the same category.

By about 4pm, we left the place and went our separate way. We took the train back. On the way back, I was deciding if I want to buy Apple AirPod. I was facing an issue where the Audio-Technica ATH4-Sport only has only 3 hours worth of battery life and I had to be careful with my charging routine. At about 5.30pm, I reached Jurong Point and made my way to Nubox where I went to check if the store has AirPod in-stock and the price. Turns out they have but I decided to take a walk and have dinner at Hot Tomato. I didn’t want the purchase to be an impulse buy and so the lull period is necessary.

After dinner and some discussion with my friends, I decided to buy the earphones. I will post a separate entry where I do a basic review. So I made a quick purchase and went home via the bus in heavy rain.

Once home, I settled down, have a change of clothes, and went about taking pictures of the AirPod and trying it out.

Last but not least, I also went about watching an old movie called Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit as part of testing the AirPods out. Well, I do like that show anyway. While watching, I also had supper consisting of fish cakes (Singapore style) and Indonesian layered cake. Well, I do love these two food products and may binge eat them.

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