KickassTorrents Brought Back to Life by Original Staffers

A vast gathering of unique KickassTorrent staff members has propelled a rebirth of the scandalous torrent site, planning to reestablish it to its previous eminence. The new site utilizes a new and secure database, however the look and feel of the stage continues as before.

katA couple of months back a criminal investegation by the U.S. Government cut down KickassTorrents, the biggest torrent site at the time.

Accordingly, a huge number of individuals were left without their most loved torrent site. This incorporated an exceptionally dynamic community of administrators, mediators and gathering individuals.

Not long after the shutdown, a few KAT-team individuals regrouped with an end goal to get the community part of the site go down. They propelled the gathering as their new home and indicated that torrents could come back as well, later on.

Today is the huge day as (KATcr) has now propelled a completely operational torrent site, which seems to be indistinguishable to its forerunner. The site begins with a perfect client database yet numerous individuals from the first staff are ready.

“The greater part of our unique Staff, Admins and Moderation group went along with us after went down – which is something we’re extremely pleased with. This demonstrates the unwaveringness, devotion and genuine love for KAT that we as a whole offer,” The KATcr group told TorrentFreak.

At the first KAT, site heads and group were obviously isolated from the individuals who in fact and monetarily ran the place. This implies the general population accountable for KATcr didn’t approach the first code and information.

In any case, they figured out how to assemble odds and ends to influence it to seem to be indistinguishable, so previous KAT clients should feel comfortable.

The new

Maybe similarly as imperatively, a significant number of the site’s eminent uploaders are likewise back. Accordingly, the site will be populated with a ton of new substance appropriate from the begin.

“We have all our major uploaders on board and they continued to share tirelessly even before the torrent engines returned. The torrent community can continue to expect to see uploads from all the names they know and trust,” the KATcr team says.

Assembling everything took a considerable amount of time, however the group needed to ensure that everything is secure, which they are sure is the situation now.

A lot of fans also helped, building KAT proxies and mirrors, you can find a list here. We are constantly updating it.

“With a specific end goal to guard our individuals we rebuilded and keep just safe components. Regardless of the way that a modify took longer, the wellbeing of our group starts things out,” the KATcr team let us know.

While some may consider it to be a strong move to relaunch a site whose charged administrators are as yet needed by the U.S. Government, the present staff sees no major legitimate issues ahead.

They call attention to that the site has an appropriate DMCA takedown strategy, much the same as YouTube, including that they don’t store any copyrighted material on the site’s servers.

“KAT is a group based gathering and a torrent web crawler. It’s the core of our identity and that will never show signs of change. Notwithstanding suppositions despite what might be expected, torrents are not illicit and we don’t have any substance.

“Insofar as Kickass Torrents keeps on working to the outright letter of the law then we are definitely not directing criminal exercises,” they note.

In a comparative vein, the KATcr group trusts that the first administrators of the site will walk free.

“We unequivocally trust the examination did by Homeland Security and the IRS is unlawful in premise, focusing on a remote subject and indicting them under US law. We have each trust in the result of the pending legitimate activity,” they say.

Over the previous months, numerous KAT duplicates and mirrors rose asserting to be the genuine resurrection. As a general rule, the first site is as yet gone, however with numerous old staff members and uploaders installed, KATcr may have a few legs.

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