Leaving… on a jet plane…

Hey Friends,

Tomorrow is the big day! After taking an unexpected and super big leap into crippling anxiety I finally feel strong enough to take a trip. My flight anxiety hasn’t been too bad so far BUT then again here i am awake at 2am blogging haha. I’m feeling pretty confident this week but, it’s hard to know when anxiety will pop up. 

I spent a long time today just staying busy. Busy is best right? I packed ALL THE THINGS, including a billion extra scarves I don’t need but my mom refused to let me leave without. She is convinced I’ll return as a popsicle when the truth is, the temp in NYC is only a few degrees cooler. Moms are gonna mom though. In her imagination I’ll be dressed like Randy from A Christmas Story the second I step off the plane. 

Among all my items I have all my anxiety favorites. A small tablet that I’ve downloaded several episodes of Star Trek TNG and The Office on. 2 pairs of earbuds just in case one breaks. 3 portable chargers (I can’t be without electronics on flights