LootGaming Unboxing: Road Rage

I know that May was two months ago but do not worry as I have the June LootGaming box as well but right now, I’m going over some Road Rage.

I went home around June 6th and came back to Japan on July 2nd, which is why these LootGaming Unboxings are late. I had them ship the boxes to my Japanese address so I didn’t get the box until I went back to Japan. Also, the May box was delayed a bit and I will tell you why in a second.

By the way, in case some of you don’t know, LootGaming is by LootCrate, which is a monthly, nerdy subscription box full of goodies such as a t-shirt, a figure and about three or four other things as well. The LootGaming box comes with everything video games and it’s about $29.99 a month (plus shipping) so definitely check it out, I will have a link for the official website below.

May 2017 theme is Road Rage~

Got this super awesome Rocket League poster, which is cool because now LootGaming will have more video game related posters

Next, I got the Road Rage tire coin pin to add to my collection. I need to buy a book for pins. I literally have so many of them.

I also got this super cute Rocket League plush ball. Rocket League celebrated their two-year anniversary on July 7th!

I’m ready to scoop some sweet “I Scream” on a hot day with this Twisted Metal I Scream Scooper. This is super cool and I love Needles’ face on the end of it.

I got this super awesome Mario Kart 8 Sun Shade for my car. It also comes with a storage bag so instead of throwing it on my back seat, I can properly store it.

Last but not least is the shirt but instead, I got a note saying that there was a manufacturing issue and the shirt was delayed, which is why May’s LootGaming box was delayed as well. They will ship me the shirt as soon as it’s ready along with another gift as an apology.

Overall, I loved this box and everything in it, sure the shirt isn’t here yet but I’m hoping I can get it soon. LootGaming boxes are the best type of surprise you can get especially if you are a huge gaming nerd like me so definitely check out the LootCrate website for more~ (This is not sponsored, by the way, I just really love LootGaming boxes.)

Loot Crate website

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to give me a shout or just comment below.

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