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Trackers (2010)

by Deon Meyer(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
0307360164 (ISBN13: 9780307360168)
Random House Canada
review 1: There was much about this book that I enjoyed - the South African setting, the complex and 'very real' characters. However, I found the plot overly-complex and by the end of the book, I was still left trying to figure out how all the pieces fitted together. My friends who love Deon Meyer books tell me the mistake I made was reading this one before I read any of his others - apparently, there are characters and plot-lines carried over from his other books.
review 2: Meyer captures the flavour of post-apartheid South Africa so well in his novels - the changing social engagements between a wide variety of people. Trackers mixes up white farmers (Zimbabwean & South African, mercenaries, Muslim extremists and a whole lot more, in a complex plot which is recent and f
... moreeels like it touches many of the issues we read about in the daily newspapers. The ending is rather unsatisfying - I won't give away why - but the mix people of who meet in such a variety of situations throughout the book kept me engaged. Because it takes place in current South Africa, it is familiar and revealing of so much of what is not directly said in the daily papers. Three stars only because of the ending, otherwise would be 3.5 or 4. less
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Un des meilleurs Deon Meyer, pour les amateurs du genre. A lire sans hésitation.
Deon is one of my fav SA authors, all his books are set in CT
This trek was not for me.
I LIKE Deon Meyer :)
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