Next Steps.

Where did my break go?

School starts in a week from tomorrow and I honestly don’t know where the hell the last month has gone.

I’m pretty sure that college meant I had a smooth month and a half off for break, typically thats what we get anyway.

This year we got a month.

And something about that seems super unfair.

On the plus side, this semester kicks off the start of my senior year!

I have two more semesters (and a two summer sessions) until I am no longer in college as an undergraduate student. This is my last Christmas break as an undergraduate as well. A part of me is completely ecstatic, but another part of me is terrified.

Post-collegent life is real life whether I go to grad school or not. I’m going to have a degree and a real job and a real apartment and… I’m going to have to start paying back four and a half years of student loan debt. I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the sentiment of graduating.

Heather Duke, you took the words out of my mouth.

I’d like to just say “fuck it” and go, but that’s not happening.

See, even though I graduate in December, I have to start planning now. Why? Because everything I do for next twelve months sets up my next step. If I want things to go the way I want, I have to kick ass the next two semesters not only academically but in other aspects of my life.

2018 is going to be a great year most definitely, but it’ll sure as hell be a year I have to work hard during so that 2019 can be even better.

The present is really nice, but the future is lookin mighty appetizing… ya know, when it’s not scaring the hell out of me.

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