Not so spooky zombies and vampires!

Kids have really gotten desensitized to horror imagery. It’s visible in so many places. Zombies sell for Visine, Dr. Scholls and Sprint, to name a few, so it’s impossible to keep them away from your kids 100%.

So rather than freak out, why not find a fun age-appropriate zombie for your child? This post is actually more for girls, but I’m not ruling out boys who may enjoy ballet.

Kristyn Crow has some cute spooky-themed stories and three about Zombelina. Her story is told in rhymes with cute illustrations by Molly Idle.

I would read these to ballet loving girls, maybe to give myself a break from Monster High obsessed kids. I found another fun series about a ballet loving vampire:

This series by Anne Marie Pace looks so cute! I love LeUyen Pham’s illustrations. It’s going to be a Disney Junior show do it must be wholesome.

There are other stories out there that appeal to kids who like some traditional themes, like ballet, and nontraditional themes like zombies and vampires. I’d be willing to bet that it suits a lot of parents as well. I would rather read monsters than ballet, but if they make my kid happy, I’ll gladly take them together.

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