This is a sketch of a Japanese posters (sorry it’s in Chinese, but you can see the posters). This is drawn on my ipad, using the software “sketches“.

This series of posters consists of 4 pics and forms a story of a chicken carrying her leek and went to a city kitchen to be a chicken skewer. She is so cute with her blue kerchief! I like it when she was thinking “I should have brought my fresh eggs with me.” on the train.

The captions for the posters are: So, I’m going to be a chicken skewer. I should have brought my fresh eggs with me. I shouldn’t be eaten at this place. Hello, your source of food is here.

After seeing this set of posters, I felt it difficult to eat chickens. Whenever I see food made up of chicken, I recall this cute chicken running on the country road.

It also reminds me of my mum. She is born in the year of the rooster (my dad always calls her a hen, and she likes it). She is always so devoted to the family, and I am so thankful for what she has done for me.


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