How I adored you as a child,
You resented my gentle way,
I tried so hard to please you,
All I held dear you stole away

In awe, as you put on your lipstick,
I can still smell your skins perfume
It was my fault when I became sick
After that, my dreams were doomed

I found safety alone under covers
You bullied my body and mind,
I felt sad for you, poor woman,
So angry, mean and unkind

Why did you so easily invite them in,
Those wrought with evil intention,
Those who could not be trusted
Their actions to horrid to mention

When I asked you for the truth,
I knew then, I had wasted my breath,
The guilt in your eyes was the proof,
Now, I wish you peace before your death…

Original – October 2015
(c) Wendy Phelan – edited, 2017
Pic, Public domain – No claim

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